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not parasitic on another organism

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Balamuthia mandrillaris is another opportunistic, free-living ameba that, like Acanthamoeba, can cause chronic skin lesions and granulomatous amebic encephalitis (GAE) in individuals with either compromised or competent immune systems.
Although it is widely accepted that chemosynthetic symbioses evolved multiple times from different bacterial lineages, the symbionts of closely related host animals in many cases form monophyletic clades that exclude the symbionts of other animals and all free-living bacteria.
However, more recently, activity monitors have become the gold-standard measure of free-living physical activity because they avoid the limitations of self-report methods such as recall bias (Rand et al 2009).
However, there is no information on the presence of potentially pathogenic free-living amebae in the region.
Free-living amoebae as opportunistic and non-opportunistic pathogens of humans and animals.
You might see what David Nimmons does: "[The gay world] looks like an experiment in a free-living spirituality," he says.
And, contradictorally but not inappropriately for her time and culture, a harbinger of free-living modern womanhood.
In an earlier analysis using a reconstructed copepod phylogeny, Poulin (1995a) found that transitions from free-living to parasitic on invertebrates were typically followed by small increases in female body size, and that switching from invertebrate hosts to fish hosts led to much larger increases in female body size.
Today BodyMedia ships many thousands of products every month into 21 countries around the world, and has already collected more than a billion minutes of automatically monitored human physiologic and behavior data in its servers from people in their natural environments over years of their lives - the first large scale continuously-recorded free-living body monitoring database of its kind in the world.
The Employer reserves the right to cancel the procedure, termination of the contract, limiting its scope (including the implementation of a vaccination campaign only) or shift vaccination campaign deadlines specified in the contract because of problems related to the availability of budgetary resources, a decision of the tender procedure for the supply of rabies vaccine to vaccination of free-living red foxes.
Yet this summer, placozoans--the simplest of free-living multicellular animals--and some other, equally nonfamous creatures made the list of targets for the next wave of DNA sequencing to be funded by the U.
Primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) is invariably an acute, often fulminant infection caused by Naegleria fowleri, a small, free-living ameba that occasionally infects humans and other mammals.
For example: "one must suppose that all free-living organisms antedated those of parasitic habit and that parasitic organisms had free-living ancestors" (Manwell, 1955, p.
From studies of wild, free-living elephants we know enough about their social needs to realize that we can no longer justify the practice of keeping elephants on their own or splitting up individuals who have formed bonds.
Out of the sampled animals, 27 were birds and 26 were mammals, and from this total, 83% (n = 44) were free-living animals.