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able to fly through the air (as a bird)

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For a free-flying sail to furl evenly and completely when you pull the furling line on deck, the head swivel at the top of the rig needs to start turning now
In the thousands of free-flying displays that have taken place at Knowsley Safari, this is a first-time occurrence.
These include free-flying remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), seabed ploughs and tractors, as well as a world-first project for Nautilus Minerals to manufacture three seabed mining vehicles.
Kenny Breuer of Brown University, who did not participate in the work, said collecting the study data from the free-flying birds was "quite an astonishing feat.
When STT I was compared between OD and OS for each age group separately, a statistically significant difference was detected in the immature and free-flying black vultures.
The team estimated those levels by outfitting free-flying blackbirds with light-sensitive devices and averaging the urban light exposure.
The demonstration is not only expected to help Bigelow lease space to paying customers aboard its planned free-flying Earth-orbiting outposts, but also NASA, who is interested in the technology for future deep space missions, such as to an asteroid, the moon, or Mars.
The Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Secondary Pay load Adapter, also known as an ESPA ring, can give up to six 400-pound secondary satellites a ride into space, or be converted into one free-flying spacecraft, said Joe Maly, ESPA Payload A program manager at Moog.
Talking about Paragliding, he said that paraglide is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft that consists of a large wing, made by a special fabric (usually non-porous).
The city is offering a Mile High City safari, which includes Denver Zoo that houses around 4,000 animals, the Wild Animal Sanctuary with 290 lions, tigers and bears, the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center, housing 1,200 free-flying butterflies, the Downtown Aquarium with around 15,000 fish, mammals, and plants, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, which is an urban wildlife refuge and home to 330 species, and the Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve, home to two herds of wild buffalo.
The decontamination procedure is routine whenever spacewalkers are exposed to free-flying ammonia, which can be a hazard if it gets into the space station's air.
The Newport bayfront has added a new attraction, Butterfly Adventures, giving visitors the opportunity to touch and interact with hundreds of free-flying butterflies.
The result is a flight system where we can bring almost anybody in and with a couple of hours training they can be free-flying the Martin Jetpack with high levels of confidence and safety.
Free-flying birds of prey, dog agility displays, stunt cyclists and black belt judo - all these and many more besides are there for you to enjoy.
The swannery is a reserve for free-flying swans and wild birds.