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the ideal falling motion of something subject only to a gravitational field

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a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity

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gt; The dream jump allows jumpers to have a longer free-fall distance than in a bungee jump and have freedom of movement during a jump to perform different acrobatics.
The group of 222 people from 28 countries was to free-fall from about 18,000 feet then come together in a formation like a snowflake and separate and link in another formation before pulling their parachutes.
Norsafe's purpose is not to set records in free-fall drops of lifesaving equipment, says Norsafe AS CEO Geir Skaala.
That one only has a free-fall angle of 112 degrees, although riders still experience G-Force levels similar to fighter pilots.
Although most of the airborne forces of the world still use round parachutes, some specialized military free-fall units use ram-air airfoils, which provide control of speed and direction, as their primary means of infiltration.
Free-fall parachutist Mike Cole J man put residents in a spin when he made an unscheduled spectacular landing during a display at Solihull.
A COUNCIL'S first female chairman will be taking to the skies for a fundraising free-fall.
The number of youngsters taking up fishing is not in free-fall, the number of youngsters taking up organised and supervised fishing is in free-fall.
Does the Clippers' recent free-fall coincide with the fact all the players -- including their coach -- have their long-term contracts sewn up and they're just sponging off last year's temporary success?
The first week in particular saw guests queuing to experience the popular free-fall ride.
I'll do this by talking about the measurement of little g, the free-fall acceleration on the Earth's surface that is mainly due to the Earth's gravity but whose value is also affected by centrifugal forces that are a result of the Earth's rotation.
It was free-falling because interior explosions were removing resistance to its fall, as in the Twin Towers, which also collapsed at almost free-fall speed.
Mr Gill had the choice of jumping from 2,000 feet on his own or in tandem from 14,000 feet with a 40 second free-fall.
Today, the Navy has its own free-fall school, Strategic Air Operations (SAO), which allows more Sea, Air, Land (SEALs) and Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) to free-fall qualify than ever before.
The region's traditionally favorable image of the United States is in free-fall, polls show.