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subscribing to capitalistic competition

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Even the name of Lee's production company, Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks - an allusion to a still-born legislative proposal after the Civil War to give land and the means to cultivate it to each freed slave - acknowledges, however reluctantly (note the "pause" in Lee's assertion), the free-enterprise economy as that medium of empowerment most pragmatically instrumental to African-American culture.
Allowing business to run at maximum efficiency is the key to the entire free-enterprise system, and everybody is running for cover.
Castro must realize that releasing the free-enterprise genie threatens the long-term survival of socialism.
JA has a proven long-term impact on youth giving them a stake in the free-enterprise system to create a better workforce for tomorrow.
This year, nearly 10,000 Alaska students will participate and learn through Junior Achievement's business, economics and free-enterprise lessons.
It wasn't all that long ago when the working citizens of the United States were the American free-enterprise economy.