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Sometimes I "mistranslate" from Tomas Transtromer's wonderful Swedish poems, free-associating as I go.
then began free-associating brilliantly about American Puritanism.
His befuddlement reached its dark apogee with the arrival of a large, sobbing woman free-associating about her troubles.
He was almost free-associating as he talked with reporters, just minutes after he finished.
Piece-by-piece, sleaze enslimes goosepimpled ecstasy; snappy dresser's latent cologne subsumes slob's trenchant odors, rendering glueplant aroma cultivations free-associating carcass blooming peeyootunias.
And in the film's second act, with the arrival of the shambling, bingeing, free-associating Happy Mondays, this clumsiness becomes its own form of grace.
Look at the free-associating reveries Peggy Noonan manages to publish every week in the Wall Street Journal, or the lunacies that right-wing lesbian Norah Vincent pours forth on the LA Times Op-Ed page--as if self-consciously seeking to fill the space mercifully vacated by that nutty nineties icon Camille Paglia.
Untitled (Braque Bric-a-Brac) depicts a man free-associating in front of a Cubist canvas.
If you were free-associating with the word "broccoli," which of the following words or phrases would occur to you: (a) cruciferous, (b) prevents cancer, (c) indoles, or (d) good for you?
Their tools, cave paintings and burial customs reveal it all to him just as if the man in the loincloth were free-associating in his consulting room.
The underground settings and free-associating decor elements create a dark, jumbled look quite at odds with the crisp, clean colorations of most mainstream computer animation.