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It's free-associating discreet pieces of information, but that's as bricolage-y as we're going to get.
Henry James' Midnight Song, this talking cure with the European intellect free-associating on the couch, is the entertaining and perhaps therapeutic investigation of the Countess's question and of the perspicacity of both of the Inspector's replies.
Songs and Stories From Moby Dick,'' which is playing through Saturday, brings out the best in Anderson's sing-songy, free-associating method of storytelling.
With great good humor, a lot of bitterness, fabulous free-associating lyrics in perfect balance, and a melody that swirls like Ishmael's whirlpool turning into a spout and coughing him up, Young brings Nietzschean ecstasy to the level of an Olds Cutlass and thus makes the latter sublime and the former absolutely real.
That style appealed to Anderson, known for her own incantatory, free-associating storytelling.
This adaptation and staging by Stephen Wadsworth features first-rate comic work by a cast that includes John Michael Higgins (best known for playing the title role in the local stage production of ``Jeffrey'') as the free-associating, Robin Williams-like clown; Mary Lou Rosato as a waiting woman who communicates whole subplots with her arched eyebrows; and Laurence O'Dwyer as a valet who's just too deliciously deadpan for words.
Still more disconcerting, Wadsworth has each actor working in a different performance style, from stilted declamation to free-associating, Robin Williams-like comedy.