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Psychoanalysts ask patients to free-associate, which means saying anything that comes into the mind without modifying it in any way.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're one of the many who free-associate the word "party" with "panic," help is on the way from America's etiquette expert Peggy Post in her new book, EMILY POST'S ENTERTAINING: A Classic Guide to Adding Elegance and Ease to Any Festive Occasion (HarperResource; $20).
When performing under the Brainstorming action, each player may be asked to free-associate on topics ranging from frozen food to 80s pop television.
Left without any visual component to consider, visitors free-associate in an environment usually reserved for images and not sounds.
It's a slow, elegant ballad with lyrics that free-associate wildly, but what makes it arresting is the musical accompaniment: The setting is a faint, sketchy outline, not a walloping production.