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unrhymed verse without a consistent metrical pattern


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On the other hand, if we insist on the materiality that traditional prosody celebrates, and on rhythm demanding some patterning on that level, we cannot find it in much of free verse.
BEIRUT - Lebanese poet Ounsi al-Hajj, who pioneered the use of free verse in Arabic poetry in the 20th century, died Tuesday aged 77, his family said.
This kind of via negativa definition of free verse is not unprecedented.
Written in free verse, Senior's text reads like a sing-song conversation sprinkled with repetition, onomatopoeia, lists and different types of rhyme (e.
All change Free Verse is due to have her fifth jockey in six races when Willy Twiston-Davies takes over on the Queen's runner today.
It's a rarity in the world of the poetic free verse of modern times, and provides all the details needed to work with poetry in the major forms, from quatrains to sonnets and beyond.
After describing the milieu of little magazines and free verse, she looks at making space, interior designs, William Carlos Williams, Miranne Moore, and Mino Loy.
Four youngsters bond over the summer, and their exploration of friendship and family is presented in free verse.
Unafraid to experiment with free verse in a wide variety of formats and tempos, Because Why is an eclectic collection of harsh thoughts, lofty ideals, fond memories, snapshots of dark reality, and much more.
The scope varies from parody to haiku, limerick to free verse.
The most cursory survey of new poetry books confirms the predominance of free verse.
Entries should be in the form of free verse, without structured rhythm or meter patterns and containing no rhyme.
The guide helps them meld these ideas into free verse that can be shared with friends and loved ones.
Davidson, too, grants the free verse form a seriousness many poets elide or ignore.
The categories are: a short story of up to 2,500 words; a rhyming poem up to 50 lines; a free verse poem up to 50 lines or any of the above from a youngster up to the age of 17.