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international trade free of government interference

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Free trade may stimulate both economies by inducing a fall in interest rates, triggered by the drop in inflation.
The presence of Chinese firms and companies in Anzali Free Trade Zone is an opportunity which should be utilized and expanded," Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Yu Hong Yang said in a meeting with Managing-Director of Anzali Free Trade Zone Reza Masrour in the Northern port city of Anzali.
Bernanke praised the "critical role of government policy in supporting, or at least permitting, global economic integration" by creating "the institutional framework supporting global trade, most importantly the World Trade Organization," but also "regional frameworks and agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union's 'single market.
Bush in particular has preached free trade while advancing the agenda of a petty protectionist.
Free Trade Agreements--Australia and Morocco (DFARS Case 2004-D013)
And for now, he is the last hope for staving off the total collapse of the free trade consensus in Congress that has endured since World War II.
Looking to expand horizons, Chilean President Bicardo Lagos has proposed an Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area.
Finally, the Leaders reaffirmed that we will complete the Free Trade Area of the Americas on schedule, by January 2005.
Well, the same might be said about the great consternation and uproar created when Peter MacKay promised David Orchard that he would agree to a review of free trade as a trade off in order to win the leadership of the federal Progressive Conservative Party.
There is evidence that economic freedom - the result of free trade and other economic reforms - not only promotes economic growth, but also leads to greater political freedom.
As I write this, I'm heading home from the protests at the Third Summit of the Americas, where George Bush and other leaders endorsed a timetable to negotiate a hemisphere-wide trade and investment deal called the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
Thailand is exploring the establishment of a bilateral free trade agreement with South Korea to boost the economic growth of both sides, a Thai Commerce Ministry official said Wednesday.
Can free trade and environmental protection coexist in a global economy?
FREE TRADE PACTS (Mainichi Daily News as translated from the Japanese-language Mainichi Shimbun)
Congress passed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which became the law of the land in Canada, Mexico, and the United States on January 1, 1994.