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the formal act of liberating someone

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In future where use of the RPM is considered in Northern Ireland to grant a free pardon, the Government will take full account of the committee's recommendation and the expectation will be such a use will be published in the Belfast Gazette.
In October 1966 the Queen, to quote, "granted a free pardon to Timothy John Evans who was hanged in 1950 for murdering his wife and daughter in the house occupied by the mass murderer John Reginald Halliday Christie".
In the words of the British embassy in Sofia: "It is important to understand that the decision to grant a free pardon does not quash the conviction but releases Shields from all punishment following the conviction.
Mommy dearest was shot dead and everyone got a free pardon.
Justice Secretary Jack Straw said he lacked the power to exercise the royal prerogative to grant Shields a free pardon because he had been sentenced abroad.
Justice Secretary Jack Straw was urged to exercise the royal prerogative to grant Shields a free pardon, but Mr Straw argued he lacked the power because Shields had been sentenced abroad.
JAILED Liverpool fan Michael Shields must wait to learn whether he has won his High Court battle to be granted a free pardon.
Shades of Stephen Thoburn, the Metric Martyr, and we all know what happened to Stephen, the petitions for a free pardon (posthumously), the council climbdown and so on.
Your colleague and brother president of Sierra Leone decided to abrogate the Lome Agreement dated 7 July 1999, containing Article IX, Sections (2) & (3) which granted absolute and free pardon and reprieve to all combatants and collaborators.
The second half of the book describes patterns of punishment and the state's search for effective sanctions that fall between the severity of execution and the leniency of the free pardon or benefit of the clergy.
Last week several thousand mediums petitioned Parliament to give a free pardon to all the poor witches that had suffered death from drowning or by burning, over many centuries, simply because they had the gift of mediumship.
Timothy john evans, the Merthyr man who was convicted and hanged in 1950 for the murder of his 13-month-old baby daughter, has been cleared of the conviction and granted a free pardon.
And on Tuesday, October 18, 1966, 17 years after the murder, Soskice's successor as Home Secretary Roy Jenkins gave the Merthyr Vale man a free pardon.
A free pardon from the Prince Regent arrived just after Jamie's death.