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a morpheme that can occur alone


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Some words might contain one free morpheme and one bound morpheme (shout-ed and knotted), while many compound words contain two free morphemes (sun-shine).
The first constraint, namely the Free Morpheme Constraint, prevents mixing of bound inflectional or derivational morphemes, whereas the second constraint, namely the Equivalence Constraint, does not allow mixing in environments where the surface structures of two languages involved differ.
Despite the inter- and intra-sentential mixing found in B's speech throughout the study, no violations to the Free Morpheme Constraint or the Equivalence Constraint proposed for adult mixing by Poplack (1980) were evidenced.
The data suggests that neither the Equivalence Constraint nor the Free Morpheme Constraint proposed by Poplack (1980) for adult language mixing were violated in this child's speech.
a) Compounding: This is simply bringing of free morphemes together to form new words e.
a) Compounding: Compounding is a concanetive morphological process of bringing two or more free morphemes into a unit--a word.
In Patkanoff 's material, these may appear as free morphemes placed prenominally: ame dikom teri laftihi "we saw your daughter".
For instance, a similar principle is Emonds' (1994) Economy of Derivation saying that, of two equivalent deep structures, the derivation with the insertion of the smallest number of free morphemes is to be preferred.
While Czech is a richly inflected language, English has developed characteristics of an analytic language where some grammatical functions are assumed by free morphemes, for example future tense, unlike past and present, is marked by will.
He therefore introduced, a distinction between genuine free morphemes with sign character (= words) and so-called "free forms".
We had predicted that "Size and Shape Classifiers" (SASS classifiers) are readily available for a slip, due to their status as free morphemes.
This distinction is usually applied only to words, that is, free morphemes (Harris 1951: 251-252, note).