free morpheme

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a morpheme that can occur alone


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Some words might contain one free morpheme and one bound morpheme (shout-ed and knotted), while many compound words contain two free morphemes (sun-shine).
Data like these tell us that N is not a morphological affix because it is also epenthesized in free morphemes.
While Czech is a richly inflected language, English has developed characteristics of an analytic language where some grammatical functions are assumed by free morphemes, for example future tense, unlike past and present, is marked by will.
Harris (1951: 330) offers a more precise definition, having the following to say: "A compound is an English construction with two free morphemes, each with zero or more bound morphemes plus the contour".
He therefore introduced, a distinction between genuine free morphemes with sign character (= words) and so-called "free forms".
We had predicted that "Size and Shape Classifiers" (SASS classifiers) are readily available for a slip, due to their status as free morphemes.