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something acquired without effort or payment or obligation

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To attend the Herb/Rosemary free lunch, take a photo of Morels' atrium in bloom, or to arrange an interview with Matt Prentice CONTACT: Marcy Hayes or Tim Meloche of C&B Scene, 810-557-2510.
July 26 and will be followed by a free lunch and free drawings," says Aaron Williams, sales manager for WYNIT, the national distributor hosting the one-day program.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing on with a three-year tradition, TGI Fridays will again honor veterans and active duty military personnel across the United States with free lunch from 11 a.
HOW TO CLAIM THE FREE LUNCH: A meal voucher will be issued on arrival to each visitor who enters the park using the 2 for 1 downloadable voucher in conjunction with the Sunday People so don't forget to mention the free lunch offer when purchasing your tickets.
All five to seven years olds across the border will be eligible for a free lunch in the scheme designed to raise attainment and ensure every child gets a healthy meal at least once a day.
Summary: Twenty-one children have died after eating a free lunch feared to contain poisonous chemicals at .
FREE LUNCH WEEK I oag1 IT'S THE final day of our free lunch week and today we're giving away a free 11" baguette*.
The project to attend the seminars and to write a book about it (The Adventures of a Free Lunch Junkie) came about after Bronsteen received a mailer to attend a reverse mortgage seminar at The Cheesecake Factory.
It's wrong to want a free lunch without any work and "it's silly to take bad advice or do something dangerous just to be nice
com)-- Independent comics publisher Free Lunch Comics is proud to announce their latest graphic novel, Sky Pirates of Valendor: Volume 1.
It is unfortunate that Ms Elbrow, who was not attending on this occasion, did not know about Lingfield's free lunch offer and her friends were unable to benefit by just turning up on the day.
To dispel the myth, scientists at the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium here made it a point to distribute free lunch and snacks to volunteers and visitors even as the sun was shadowed.
While you've no doubt heard of the increased regulatory scrutiny of so-called free lunch seminars, the S EC has finally made its move.
And best of all, there is such a thing as a free lunch - every day, in fact.
57 reimbursement per free lunch and the free fruits and vegetables that most schools receive from the U.