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freedom to do as you see fit


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The country to-day looks to its army and its navy to save it from the humiliation these black-coated parasites have encouraged, and yet even now we haven't a free hand.
And meanwhile," Thomson retorted bitterly, "leave him a free hand to do what mischief he can.
His falling body came near to tearing me from the frail hold that my single free hand had upon the anchor chain and plunging me with him to the waters of the sea below.
I'm inclined to give Hastings a free hand, though I should prefer to wait a bit.
For reply, Saxon reached her free hand over to the hand that rested on Billy's arm.
SEHWAN SHARIF -- Sehwan Sharif Police have given free hand to the pickpockets in the city due to which the visitors are facing many hardships.
Government has not given any clear orders to the army to retaliate, they have not been given a free hand.
Tenders are invited for produce free hand composite drawings and sculptures of criminal suspects from verbal descriptions obtained from witnesses and victims.
While noting that the President and his deputy had a free hand to pick whomever they want, he, however, added that the positions should be fairly distributed in all regions.
Like past, the authorities concerned remained least bothered to check the sharp increase in tomato price, giving a free hand to the traders to fix the prices on their own.
However, no strict vigilance has been ensured in the examination halls which gave free hand to students who openly used cheating material and mobile phones.
What she really wants is a free hand - but to do what?
Computer tomography assessment of pedicle screw placement in thoracic spine: Comparison between free hand and a generic 3D-based navigation techniques.
Does that act now automatically give Russia a free hand there forever?
Trenas and Billones said they will remain with the LP but party members were given a free hand whether or not they will join the PDP-Laban.