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a morpheme that can occur alone

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1) "Free Form Database" - The foundation of CaseSeeker rest with its powerful free form database which allows the user the freedom to work the way they want and not the way similar product applications dictate.
Softface's Enterprise Content Suite delivers a high-speed, repeatable product content creation solution that transforms unstructured, free form text into precisely structured, attribute-rich product content automatically.
0 is available now and was developed specifically to improve machine print recognition rates in the evolving free form market.
Dejima Direct SFA enables work forces to directly access mission critical enterprise information by using the same dynamic and free form communication style they would use when interacting with other people, without the constraints of complex menus, tedious protocols, or memorized commands.
Calcium carbonate is a very common and inexpensive product, however when it is not properly absorbed by the body it gets deposited in veins and arteries or on joints as free form calcium resulting in long-term health issues.
However, the contracting authority will accept other evidence of equivalent quality guarantees produced by the candidates, if they have no access to such certificates or no possibility of obtaining them within the deadlines; (Dc2 section E of the free form or) to justify his professional, technical and financial, the candidate, even if it~s a group, may request should also be taken into account capacity professional, technical and financial other economic operators, whatever the legal nature of the links between these operators and him.
Then Sharp revealed this week its revolutionary Free Form Display technology that the company said will be ready for use "at the earliest possible date.
The Tax Free form must be validated at the customs within 3 months of purchase date.
Upon entry, the slate lobby with floating free form ceiling and dark woods suggests a Far Eastern influence, while the building's exterior coloration pays homage to the surrounding community.
Although aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in Earth's crust, it is very rare in its free form and was once considered a precious metal more valuable than gold.
Steel plate and slit-like windows were therefore deployed to create a free form apparently liberated from the constraints of gravity, to conjure a sense of speed appropriate to a building being built temporarily on leased land.
BETFAIR'S recent initiative to provide a free form service for US racing has met with a serious hitch.
The next generation of free form is from the German housewares company Koziol, best known for its whimsical kitchen gadgets.
Pruning: free form, free form pseudo-architectured shape, pruning, crown raising, pumping low branches, thinning size maintenance pruning, size selection, pruning, size of cohabitation, maintenance time, maintenance on cat head, size reduction on extension, size restructuring (conversion to free port axis suppression), maintenance of the columnar size, maintenance of shape size ball.
Conceived as a deformed double geodesic dome by New York based Acconci Studio, the island's free form diagrid structure wraps and contorts to create two new public spaces; one internal beneath a shallow dome, the other external within a terraced bowl.