free fall

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Synonyms for free fall

the ideal falling motion of something subject only to a gravitational field

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a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity

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This Bank Holiday Sunday the Free Fall Jump returns, only this time we're stepping it up
When an obese person goes into free fall with the higher weight, his momentum of fall is higher and the impact is higher too.
Therefore, the consistency between intuitive and normative physics of free fall should be assessed through the study of the conceptions of the quantitative relation between falling speed, mass, and height of release.
And while Baumgartner hopes to set four new world records when he jumps, his free fall is more than just a stunt.
Baumgartner plans to undergo another free fall, from 23 miles in the air.
Upon exiting the plane, he uses his arms to position himself above the team to film the formation as the divers free fall.
Our PG-300 pump is utilized in gravity pouring lines where you can have minimal free fall of the molten metal into your molds.
At one end of the reception spectrum, Rene Descartes was a cursory reader of Galileo who doubted the empirical validity of the odd-numbers-law of free fall.
area firms, but with the economy in a free fall, he needed a competitive edge to make his endeavor a success.
One experiment that I will describe tested the equivalence of free fall for different masses in response to local attracting matter (the Earth) rather than to more distant matter (the Sun, which has been used in recent equivalence tests).
Spock drops from the E at South Jordan, Utah for a free-ride free fall (good job, Hubbs).
However, RIMS and Advisen predicted last quarter that underlying economic conditions would keep insurance capacity at levels that would discourage a free fall in pricing.
But the plane's maneuvers sent Seth into free fall (the state when gravity isn't balanced by an equal and opposite force).
Carnegle introduces three new uplifting textile patterns that support healing environments: Between the Light, Free Fall, and Frameless.
Static line school is the prerequisite to free fall.