free enterprise

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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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Our companies have contributed largely in changing totalitarian Communist regimes to free enterprise systems," he continued.
The Free Enterprise IV sailed between Cairnryan in Wigtownshire and Larne in Northern Ireland between 1976 and 1986.
Thomas being named IFA Free Enterprise Award recipient in 2000.
Two South Piedmont Community College students were among six students who recently represented the United States during the Jesse Helms Center's first ever International Free Enterprise Leadership Conference in Monterrey, Mexico.
Junior Achievement announced that 142 supporters have been inducted into the organization's Free Enterprise Society.
Indeed, that entire decade is generally characterized as the triumph of democracy and free enterprise.
Ron Arnold, executive vice president for the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, calls all of it ecoterrorism, crimes committed to save nature.
For Mother Sister, African-American participation in free enterprise has spelled financial ruin.
Each year, the CEI, an advocate of free enterprise and limited government, rates members of Congress in seven subcategories.
Then he launched into a heartfelt pitch for free enterprise and the virtues of the competitive market.
Virtually overnight, countries and their governments in every region of the world have repudiated socialistic, "managed" economies and have embraced private investment and free enterprise.
While the Bush administration was loudly proclaiming its devotion to free enterprise and its horror of industrial policy, the U.
3 million jobs created in the last 27-months" (a seemingly random timeframe), but a study done by Entrepreneurs for Free Enterprise (EFFE) shows "he didn't build that, Republicans did.
Chamber will host the Free Enterprise Hackathon, the first ever hackathon by a business association, to bring together some of the most talented developers, designers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs to compete over 36 hours by building tools and web-based applications for www.
The battle; how the fight between free enterprise and big government will shape America's future.
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