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electron that is not attached to an atom or ion or molecule but is free to move under the influence of an electric field

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In [1, 2] the results of theoretical and experimental studies of wave longitudinal and radial distribution of free electrons in a solid round metal conductor with a high density of pulsed axial current are presented.
By taking into account that the free electron has a fermionic character, we will write a non-linear Dirac-like equation describing the "motion" of this particle.
The Ionosphere can be considered as the region of the Earth atmosphere typically ranging from 50-70 km up to +1000 km, where there is a significant presence of ionized molecules, and free electrons (see Kelley 2009), being this presence high enough to affect space-based and ground-based radiofrequency signals, such as those of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems, GNSS (see for instance in Hernandez-Pajares et al.
The Navy had asked for 60 million dollars to continue with the research and development of these sci-fi weapons, but those plans could be altered based on the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which suggests 'terminating the Navy's free electron laser due to concerns over operational technical challenges.
The steric shielding of the free electron pair in the nitrogen atom of the amine and its reduced basicity enhance its effectiveness as a stabilizer.
Although much development remains before they can go to sea, tunable free electron lasers (FELs) with these capabilities already exist at several laboratories around the world.
The corresponding eigenfunctions contain a factor related to the free electron, which far from the atom takes the form
What's extraordinary about the project is that we're going to attempt to use a free electron laser, which is an extremely high-powered laser that uses electrons as well, instead of just light.
Once considered as a possible strategic defense initiative weapon, the free electron laser is still a focus of laboratory research in an attempt to improve its efficiency.
Sprangle is cited for his research accomplishments, which have had "a major impact on the Navy's directed energy programs, including the high-power fiber laser and free electron laser weapons systems.
e0]) is the maximum value of the mean free electron drift velocity in the plasma channel of lightning, are formed when electric breakdown of long air gap in the discharge system <<charged cloud - ground>>; [[delta].
where the original free electron jumps into the positron hole and the electron from the pair becomes the new free electron.
2 Angstroms, bringing the world's most advanced X-ray free electron laser a step closer to reality.
Coverage encompasses the electron as a particle and as a wave, the hydrogen atom and the periodic table, bonds, the free electron theory of metals, the band theory of solids, semiconductors, principles of semiconductor devices, dielectric materials, magnetic materials, lasers, optoelectronics, superconductivity, and artificial materials or metamaterials.