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a thought process in which ideas (words or images) suggest other ideas in a sequence

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Compact grants supplied by the United States to the Republic of the Marshall Islands are handled by the bilateral Joint Economic Management Finance and Accountability Committee conferences between the United States Government and the Marshall Islands government as set up under the Compact of Free Association.
Nor could the argument that the right to free association had been violated hold, the Court said.
BEIRUT: More than other forms of visual art, collage is an art of free association.
Some 437,000 backed sovereign free association and 72,560 chose independence.
As a State Party to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, the principal African human rights treaty, Zambia must respect all of its African Charter commitments, including the freedoms of its people to express and disseminate opinions (Article 9), their right of free association (Article 10), their right freely to assemble (Article 11), and the right of every citizen "to participate freely in the government of his country, either directly or through freely chosen representatives in accordance with the provisions of the law" (Article 13(1)).
Two days prior to the tournament sees the staging of Middle East Duty Free Association (MEDFA) conference at Al Murooj Rotana Hotel in Dubai on November 21-22.
A form of free association that is also contrived with an editorial afterthought, Kobeissi is able to produce a visually vocal series that screams teenage angst while unveiling the insecurities of a latent subconscious.
New paradigms in computational linguistics are reflected by research methods using Free Association Experiment (FAE) based on cognitive metaphor stimuli.
That goes against our rights of free association and free speech.
Type: Constitutional republic in free association with United States.
He said the agreement was a "humanitarian gesture" which has nothing to do with the upcoming review of the Compact of Free Association under which the US gives large sums to Palau.
These records told dense, non-linear stories, with scenes linked by the logic of dreams, puns, free association, late-night channel-surfing, and a psychedelic anti-authoritarianism that wasn't so different from the libertarian politics of The Prisoner or the Illuminatus
The Middle East Duty Free Association (MEDFA) held its annual board meeting for the first time in Jordan at Le Royale Hotel.
By the mid-1890s, he had definitively renounced the use of hypnosis and placed free association at the center of his new analysis.
The heart of interpretation can be found in questioning art (sometimes in its reciprocal questioning of ourselves), free association, comparing and contrasting, investigating, eliminating, suggesting, testing, and reflecting (p.