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Synonyms for freckled

relating to or covered with or resembling freckles

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However, there is always room for something different and when dynamic young local chef Mike Jones and his partner Debbie Owen opened the Freckled Angel in April last year, they soon found they were on to a winner.
Their campaign #LOVEYOURIMPERFECTIONs left many freckled faces peeved.
The best known of these is 'Freckles' with large creamy scented flowers, spotted or freckled inside with red.
WE LOVE: James Read Day Tan Face, PS22; Bourjois Sun Illusion Skin Perfector, PS10 WHICH MAKE-UP SUITS FRECKLED SKIN?
That's the position taken in a lawsuit filed by the owners of The Freckled Frog Inc.
But when she was growing up, she hated her distinctive red hair and freckled face.
To save money he could of course have used the freckled albinos method and touched them out with Tippex.
He was careful not to include his face in the photographs but police noticed a freckled male hand touching the young girls in some of the pictures.
London, Dec 30 (ANI): Spanish scientists have discovered the blood group and two other genes of the early humans who lived 43,000 ago, which suggests that Neanderthals living in Europe were fair skinned, freckled and had ginger hair.
First, its freckled, golden / surface, then the freckles softening / to oozy spots of brown.
An interesting catfish, the freckled madtom (Noturus nocturnus), was collected in the Des Plaines River just above its confluence with the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal on 16 May 2005.
Playing the redheaded and freckled acting legend Katharine Hepburn in the film, Blanchett thanked the makeup person ``who painted every single freckle on my face.
She walks barefoot into the humid night, moonlight on her freckled shoulders.
Zuleika works hard to make the transition from slave to slave owner, inflicting small cruelties on the young freckled girls in her service.
If you've got the typically Scottish complexion - pale and freckled - don't try and cover them up.