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The sky got freakishly bright and I didn't see it until I looked out," one Louisville resident told local WLKY.
So the draw threw together three teams who are now freakishly ranked No.
So the massive pressure on A&E which led to yesterday's alert cannot be attributed to freakishly bad weather.
Tamim uncharacteristically took the role of an anchor in the stand before he was freakishly run out for 40.
A master of speed, breathability and grip, this freakishly good trail shoe lets your feet perform and the shoe provide.
He could also muster only five runs, taking his annual tally to a meagre 97 in seven attempts, before he was freakishly bowled round his legs off the underside of his thigh pad.
Hyperstereo shots can add 3D to distant objects that would otherwise appear flat, but can have the effect of making objects appear freakishly smaller than they actually are.
Jordan airport internet Jordan reinforces its emerging reputation as a cyber leader in the region with even the airport offering free and freakishly fast wi-fi.
Cartmel's freakishly high rainfall in 2012 was 1,746mm (approaching 6ft) - more than Cheltenham and Sandown put together and about 66 per cent more than Newcastle's figure.
Synesthetic superchimp A chimp that's freakishly good at recalling numbers may have an unfair advantage: synesthesia, which allows him to see numbers in colors (SN: 7/28/12, p.
A freakishly swirling corner from Ross Brash was cleared off the line by Craig Johnstone as the away team pushed for an equaliser.
Perhaps because the original is such a freakishly good record it was hard not to be disappointed.
The mitigation for his dismissal yesterday was obvious after he was freakishly bowled by a ball which trickled off the bottom of his thigh-pad on to the base of leg stump.
He's freakishly smart, he's freakishly competitive and he's a natural football player," defensive backs coach John Neal said Saturday.
Either way, he'll find all the help he needs in the freakishly cute angels who appear to help.