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They've been freakishly loyal to us and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than with an offer almost too good to be true.
Jordan airport internet Jordan reinforces its emerging reputation as a cyber leader in the region with even the airport offering free and freakishly fast wi-fi.
Cartmel's freakishly high rainfall in 2012 was 1,746mm (approaching 6ft) - more than Cheltenham and Sandown put together and about 66 per cent more than Newcastle's figure.
Synesthetic superchimp A chimp that's freakishly good at recalling numbers may have an unfair advantage: synesthesia, which allows him to see numbers in colors (SN: 7/28/12, p.
A freakishly swirling corner from Ross Brash was cleared off the line by Craig Johnstone as the away team pushed for an equaliser.
Perhaps because the original is such a freakishly good record it was hard not to be disappointed.
The mitigation for his dismissal yesterday was obvious after he was freakishly bowled by a ball which trickled off the bottom of his thigh-pad on to the base of leg stump.
He's freakishly smart, he's freakishly competitive and he's a natural football player," defensive backs coach John Neal said Saturday.
Summary: Alya's mother and Monica from 'Friends' may well have been twins separated at birth judging by their freakishly obsessive nature to clean.
We then meet, through a Groundhog Day style time-loop, the freakishly superb inhabitants of the home who up until now had only been remembered through the photographs carried by Jacob's grandfather.
Do you think Facebook's new facial recognition is freakishly intrusive or just plain efficient?
Freakishly heavy rains last week sent torrents of water and mud slicing through towns and villages in a mountainous area just north of Rio.
The Miserly Mind, 121/2 Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal reveals the mindset of those who've achieved independent wealth by exploring specific personality traits in a series of highly humorous and entertaining chapters.
Since the village was hit by a plane back in 1993, it feels like barely a year goes by without the locals being menaced by a fire, an explosion or freakishly high winds, but even by the soap's standards, this hour-long special episode looks set to be particularly dramatic.
I can lift weights for a freakishly long time without getting tired or losing strength.