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To be fair to Clarke, his full tribute to Hussey - or Six Man, as I like to call him - was: "It was just a freakish performance from an unbelievable cricketer.
The condemning chorus taunts: "You gon kill yourself or you want all the whities to know how freakish you is.
A duet between Galvo and Marvel Benavides proved both exciting and freakish, Calvo ultimately hanging from a harness on a hook.
The obits go on for only a couple of pages, yet they give no real depth nor context to the dead, and only highlight their most freakish, inane, or pitiable deficiencies.
Calypso, 14 and from Los Angeles, is considered a freakish misfit by the wealthy, often titled English girls and harassed unmercifully.
Especially after life in housing-hungry New York or London, it's freakish to see an entire (albeit small-scale) cityscape uninhabited, and difficult to avoid the conclusion that this is what the world will look like once we've exhausted it, or ourselves.
But with few exceptions, Taher says, Univision's programming is mired in old-time homophobia--with gays and lesbians presented largely as abnormal, transgenders represented by men in freakish drag, and bisexuality referenced for purposes of titillation--only in women.
The Lost Thing is a picturebook about a young boy who, when scavenging for bottle-top caps for his collection, discovers a freakish creature--bizarre in the extreme, and so unusual that no one but him can seem to notice it.
Ms Phillips said: 'We have been terrorised by weird, freakish mind games.
The equaliser was freakish but our laboured efforts against the worst team to visit this season do not bode well for the remainder of the campaign.
It's not showcased, but Batman's strategy relies as much on ordinary people as on his freakish buddies.
The idea that aesthetic policy was an integral part of National Socialism has been established at least since Peter Cohen's unforgettable documentary 'The Architecture of Doom' of 1989, but Frederic Spotts here presents something more specific: that Hitler himself was obsessed about the arts beyond any other concern as dictator, and that while stealing paintings and bullying musicians was left to cronies and go-betweens, he himself had a credible grasp of architecture and an astonishing, almost freakish, memory for its details.
Such evidence enables modern mathematicians to view Plimpton 322 "not as a freakish anomaly in the history of early mathematics but as the epitome of Mesopotamian mathematical culture at its best," Robson says.
With the exception of rare, freakish situations, the limited number of fires that does occur in thermal oil systems occurs in insulation.