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Synonyms for frazzle

a state of extreme exhaustion

wear away by rubbing

exhaust physically or emotionally

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Ms Tweddle said: "He has been a great bull for the herd and we have high hopes that Frazzle will continue all the good work.
I thought it was very unfair that the driver decided that just because Frazzle is a Staffie that wouldn't be allowed on," said Angela, who lives in Northfield.
True to form, the Dodgers worked Nationals pitcher Zach Day to a frazzle and forced him out of the game early.
Pacific outscored CSUN by 15 points in the second half and used its zone and a raucous sellout crowd to frazzle CSUN.
While your skin is protected with suncream, hair is often forgotten about and left to frazzle.
I've explained babies need lots of care and I'm worn to a frazzle doing my best to keep him and her happy.
HOUSTON - There was all manner of late-night insanity, including benches being emptied, pitchers being called on to pinch hit and nerves being worn to a frazzle.
The rectilinear method of thinking that the Greeks bequeathed us began to frazzle in the days of Newton, and it has run aground on quantum mechanics.