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Synonyms for fraudulence

a fraudulent or duplicitous representation

the quality of being fraudulent


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The report presented to the president by the committee accused the former minister of cabinet affairs, Deng Alor Kuol, of fraudulence involving $7,959,400 in accordance with section 341 of the penal code act, 2008, and directed for his criminal prosecution in court.
But it's fraudulence in a Kafkaesque style, because it's the giant insurance companies who have these great buildings in the city against the little man up the road who is trying to get a one-man operation off the ground.
The film is about the fraudulence of the insurance situation,' said Billy 'Is there anything as absurd and abstract as an Act of God?
Because their own incompetence was on a par with the worst of the farmers' fraudulence.
made unbelievers out of former Communists, defeating the region's hate-mongers will expose the fraudulence of radical Islam's claims that God is on its side and that its victory is predestined.
The INS has invited an undue amount of fraudulence into the naturalization process.
When Philip Johnson, the Leni Riefenstahl of corporate architecture, recently proposed the installation of a sculpture of his own design at Lincoln Center identified by its author under the preposterous title Monument to Post-Euclidean Space and now presented as Time Sculpture (a de facto long-term contract of endorsement between the architect and the Movado Watch Corporation, whose logo will soon be shining prominently from the monument to tell the opera-going masses for whom the bell tolls), virtually no architects, artists, or critics could be heard alerting us to the potential conflict of interest between public sculpture and corporate-endorsement contracts - much less to the fraudulence of the architectural entrepreneur posing as sculpteur.
Viewed from the North, independence is still not an acceptable character trait in Third World peoples, especially when it exposes the failures and fraudulence of U.
Meanwhile, over the last five years, the MENA region has ramped up homeland security by implementing more smart card-based security to avoid counterfeiting and instances of fraudulence in the existing database.
The bishops denounced that election as 'unparalleled in the fraudulence of [its] conduct,' and declared that Marcos had forfeited any legitimate right to rule.
The access control systems market in the Kingdom is growing at a robust pace owing to rise in expenditure onsecurity infrastructure due to increasing incidences of fraudulence, criminal activities and security threats.
He has stated that it was a complete fraudulence on their part.
Opposition leaders say this proves there was also fraudulence in the presidential and parliamentary elections.
Arnold Wesker, the playwright, wrote a piece for the Daily Telegraph last week charging that "an air of fraudulence pervades the show.