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Synonyms for fraudulence

a fraudulent or duplicitous representation

the quality of being fraudulent


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The report presented to the president by the committee accused the former minister of cabinet affairs, Deng Alor Kuol, of fraudulence involving $7,959,400 in accordance with section 341 of the penal code act, 2008, and directed for his criminal prosecution in court.
Darkness helps hide the fraudulence of our imitations and the spooking visibility of our leaders.
More of our bluebill decoys were touching than not, and the lapping water caused them to rub together, loudly proclaiming their fraudulence.
Closing ranks across compatible disciplines must hence be accompanied by our continuing, and insufficiently recognized, opening up to difference, so that the possibility of dialectical humanism redeems contradiction from the fraudulence and hypocrisy of academic capitalism and its latest jingle, disciplinary Darwinism in the form of "program prioritization" (Bradshaw).
We got first prize, and I remember having pangs of fraudulence going up to get the prize when all I'd done was lie like Cleopatra being ferried up the Nile
The title refers to advocates of a diverse set of hypotheses supposing the fraudulence of the standard 9/11 narrative.
WHY is the MPs' expenses saga still rumbling along and why has the new watchdog gone back on its word to name and shame those MPs guilty of fraudulence.
In an interview with Al-Messa'iya evening newspaper, the senior judge expressed his view that Mubarak and members of his regime should be questioned over fraudulence in parliamentary and municipality elections, as well as for amending the constitution to ease the transfer of rule from Mubarak senior to Mubarak junior.
LIKE the Commonwealth Games and 2G controversies, there seems to be no end to fraudulence and irregularities in India.
Furthermore, not recalling a defective product is deemed by the Regulations to be a crime under the UAE's Suppression of Cheating and Fraudulence in Commercial Transactions Law.
While his claims of fraudulence seem to relate to his concerns over privacy of his clients, he makes no specific references to priests he thinks may have been incorrectly accused, nor does he provide any specific numbers or studies to back up his claims.
Haydock, for instance, came before the king in order to reveal (and later confess the fraudulence of) his unique ability, as did, around the same time, a woman named Anne Gunter, who claimed and then retracted her claim to have been bewitched.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Participants in the International Forum on Combating Fraudulence and Counterfeiting in Medication and Food discussed on Monday the new technology presented by the Arab and African Scientists and Experts Commission for combating fraud and forgery in medication and food.
Assuming there are two websites (although there can be more sites, some of the attackers are determined to have as many web sites as fit necessary to achieve their purpose of getting restricted resources through fraudulence means).
Wilkinson and Pickett's exhaustive data and perceptive analyses demonstrate forcefully the fraudulence of neoliberal claims that a weak state sector and unregulated market forces will produce happier populations.