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Synonyms for fratricide

a person who murders their brother or sister

fire that injures or kills an ally

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the murder of your sibling

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He said that there were also 10 incidents of fratricide, where a soldier killed his colleague.
Since militancy broke out in Jammu and Kashmir in 1989, there have been several incidents of fratricide among the security forces deployed in the state.
BAE Systems' IFF products have been helping to reduce the chance of fratricide in combat operations for more than 70 years.
Kohistani said that he obtained a copy of the interrogation report from younger Afghan army officers who are fed up at corruption within the army and at senior officials who have hidden details about previous fratricide cases and turned a blind eye to problems with recruitment and vetting.
God will not forgive those who commit fratricide in the ancient and historical city of Osh, in the foothills of Sulayman-Too mountain.
According to the Los Angeles Times, any time a group of Western soldiers is gathered on a joint base to exercise, train or even sleep, one member of the unit is required to be armed and on alert for possible fratricide attacks.
Tsonga retrouve Llodra et si la logique est respectee il rencontrera des les huitiemes de finale, lors d'un nouveau duel fratricide, Richard Gasquet, oppose a l'Espagnol Albert Montanes au premier tour.
Fratricide, also known as friendly fire, is the term used by the British and American military to denote incidents in which an intent to kill the enemy results in accidental harm to members of one's own forces.
In light of the vital importance of reducing friendly fire in the modern battlefield, The Human Factors of Fratricide deserves careful consideration and further research.
BlueDome rapidly identifies friendly forces in the battlefield, improving combat efficiency and minimizing fratricide.
He comes across as weird and not just because of the "man from Mars" about him, but because of the political fratricide he perpetrated when he stood against his more qualified brother David.
Far to the left of today's shambolic New/Old Labour Party, who still seem to be committed to their old habit of fratricide (cheer up David, it's not just you that brother Ed has his knife into), the LibDems peddle an outdated ideology which would have suited the tastes of at least two middle class white Victorian men who also never soiled their hands with honest toil: step forward Messrs Marx and Engels.
The president said: "We hope Mullah Mohammad Omar joins the peace process, gives up fratricide, gives up bombings and blasts, stops causing casualties to Afghanistan's children, women and men.
We hope Mullah Mohammad Omar Akhund joins the peace process, gives up fratricide, gives up bombings and blasts, stops causing casualties to Afghanistan's children, women and men," he said, referring to the leader of the Taliban.
His situational awareness and ability to act was directly responsible for avoiding a possible fratricide.