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Synonyms for fratricide

a person who murders their brother or sister

fire that injures or kills an ally

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the murder of your sibling

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Rather than capitalize on the regime's internal vulnerabilities and international isolation, the GIA embarked on a fratricidal war with rival Islamists and alienated its supporters through mass atrocities.
It is the only episode of Bosnia's fratricidal 1992-95 war to be defined as genocide by two UN courts.
There's no immutable law that Britain is immune from internal fratricidal conflict.
It's obvious that (the two Koreas) can never achieve national reconciliation and improve inter-Korean relations while instigating fratricidal animosity and confrontation," the commentary said.
The current fratricidal bloodshed and conflict must end, and the work for a better life must begin," he said.
Supportive of truth-affirming Kalumba, Melissa and Sukena represent a transnational feminine entente that offers hope after the fratricidal betrayal.
Recalling the recent murder of an old man, who was beaten to death for sharing his political stands, Rizaov adds that civil wars are also called fratricidal and always start with a murder.
It is the pitiful remains of some of these casualties of war, unconsidered, abandoned, effectively tortured and degraded, that archaeologists have uncovered, mute testimony to the horror and waste of fratricidal war.
Rejecting criticism of Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, the ministry said Washington was making no effort to resolve the crisis and was "pushing the current Kiev authorities into continuing the fratricidal intra-state conflict".
Meanwhile, the Carters pull together as Stan deteriorates, and it's Good Friday in Walford as Ian and Jane (though probably not the fratricidal maniac Bobby) try their best to remember Lucy.
Under the terms of the European-brokered truce signed in the Belarussian capital Minsk on February 12, both sides to Ukraine's fratricidal 11-month conflict must move their artillery back far enough to create a buffer zone of between 50 and 140 kilometres, depending on the weapons' range.
Historian Miltiade Hatzopoulos, a specialist on the period, told Agence France Presse (AFP) that all this suggested it contained a member of the Macedonia's famously fratricidal royal family.
Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra has spoken of Algeria's desire to persuade Libyans to "move towards national reconciliation, which will consolidate the legitimacy of institutions and to mobilise all means and resources to rebuild this country, which has been devastated by war and fratricidal confrontations".
Ukraine "has plunged into bloody chaos, into a fratricidal conflict," Putin lamented.
Look around, and you will find the fraternity entangled inextricably in a fratricidal carnage of horrifying dimensions.