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Synonyms for fratricide

a person who murders their brother or sister

fire that injures or kills an ally

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the murder of your sibling

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In principle, though, there are yet-to-be-discovered antibodies-and even small-molecule compounds-that would turn other cancerous cell types into fratricidal NK cells, by activating other receptors expressed on those cells.
Look around, and you will find the fraternity entangled inextricably in a fratricidal carnage of horrifying dimensions.
He added that some postings were "rhetoric that brings back memories of tragic, fratricidal, factional conflicts in the 1990s that cost the lives of tens of thousands of civilians".
My thoughts go first to Syria, torn apart by a fratricidal struggle that has lasted for three years now and that has already claimed countless victims, forcing millions of people to become refugees and exiles in other countries.
History has shown that, when constitutional reforms are passed for the purpose of keeping a leader in power, the results are violence, fratricidal confrontation, and armed conflict," said Deputy Eduardo Montealegre of the opposition Partido Liberal Independiente (PLI).
Egypt is on the path to restoring a rigid autocracy, Libya is in chaos; Yemen is a failed state torn by separatism and militancy; Syria has witnessed the failure to uphold the responsibility to protect; Bahrain has been the subject of global indifference; and Iraq is descending once again into a fratricidal war.
In these discussions some panellists are urging for speedy end to the conflict, while others are pushing for investigating the people they believe were responsible for the outbreak of the current fratricidal conflict immediately.
Yet, 16 years after Goldwater-Nichols, identical command and control blunders and fratricidal gaffes were repeated in a remote Afghan valley.
With over 100,000 dead and more than two million refugees and displaced persons, we call for an end to this fratricidal war through measures and actions to ensure a "successful transition to the Syrian people's rights and freedoms," and condemned The 57-member OIC was founded in 1969 and describes itself on its website as the "collective voice of the Muslim world.
Claiming that the Congress has not even gone into an election mode as yet, Rahul attributed the moribund state of Gujarat Congress to its fratricidal wars.
The war against evil means saying no a fratricidal hatred and the lies which feed it, saying no to violence in all its forms, saying no to the proliferation of arms and the illegal trade in arms," he said in his regular Sunday Angelus.
Everything came to be legitimized and explained in religious terms, including fratricidal wars.
A tribal elder from Paktika, Shahbaz Khan, denounced the current conflict as a fratricidal war that brought a lot of devastation to the country.
Do these people not realise that this fratricidal behaviour could jeopardise even further their prospects of winning the next general election?
He thanked Catholic aid agencies, including the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace for their "prayers, generosity and constant efforts to put an end to this fratricidal war" (Catholic News Service, 22 March 2013).