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Synonyms for fraternize

Synonyms for fraternize

to be with as a companion

Synonyms for fraternize

be on friendly terms with someone, as if with a brother, especially with an enemy


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Fraternize has shown ability without being a worldbeater on the Flat but looks the type to make a jumper.
You can't fraternize with students outside of work.
JOE LINSALATA, former major league umpire: "The only rule I could never understand was that umpires couldn't fraternize with ballplayers.
They may fraternize as much as they please inside the hospital; they just may not meet outside its walls, on pain of dismissal.
Brewer III at the firm's annual get-together in Bermuda where the firm's attorneys gather to fraternize, plot strategies and engage in a fierce three-on-three basketball tournament and go at one another in head-to-head moot court competition.
What mediocrity, though: to fraternize with a murderer as if all the man had done was to get caught in a moment of madness at a K-Mart with a package of $3.