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associating with others in a brotherly or friendly way

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This is an opportunity for students to apply the lessons learned in the course and make difficult decisions in situations involving ethics, working climate, and fraternization," Tortora said.
Major General Leslie received briefings on sexual harassment, the proper handling of sexual assault allegations and cases, administrative investigations, standards of conduct, fiscal law, unlawful command influence, improper relationships and fraternization, law of federal employment, domestic support to civil authorities, freedom of information and privacy act, and federal labor-management relations.
On the contrary, as MacKenzie rightly maintains, it is as much--if not normally more--the fault of male soldiers if fraternization occurs and it is only the masculinized culture of the armed forces which allows women, and only women, to be blamed and, indeed, vilified for any sexual misconduct which does occur.
Since the topic of fraternization with American servicemen in occupied Germany is at the heart of the story, the talented and dashingly beautiful actress Hildegard Knef, who resided at the time as a veritable war bride in Hollywood, seemed to be destined for the part.
Fraternization occurs when a Government employee and a contractor who are involved in the same contract congenially socialize in any manner.
Our informant tells us fraternization was frowned upon.
He also faces two military charges of "conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline" in relation to fraternization directives.
Many successful CSADD chapters throughout the Navy tackle issues such as drinking, reckless driving, recreational safety, fraternization and other potentially destructive situations to assist Sailors in making positive decisions.
Secretary Gates said that, "We need to understand all of the different things that have to be dealt with in terms of housing and benefits, and regulations and fraternization rules, and conduct and training, and so on.
These include potential revisions to policies on benefits, base housing, fraternization and misconduct, separations and discharges, and many others.
Two of the articles help to establish the relationship of Jews and Christians as neighbors, showing that common interests superseded admonitions against fraternization.
Yet, as someone who has received challenging reviews in Kola, I should say that fraternization amongst editors and contributors has bred neither homicidal contempt nor truth-corrosive sycophancy.
Whatever the reason for avoiding a total prohibition of fraternization in the workplace, the "love contract" may provide the next best layer of necessary legal protection.