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Synonyms for fraternal

(of twins) derived from two separate fertilized ova

like or characteristic of or befitting a brother

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Speak Fraternally but Carry a Stick: South American Difference, ECONOMIST, May 31, 2008 [hereinafter Speak Fraternally] (discussing evolution of SACN).
Brutally attacked in 1904 in the American socialist press (called a Jesuit spy, for example, by the leader of the largest socialist party in the world), Connolly signs a letter to a friend, in the middle of his darkest crisis, 'Yours fraternally, once a staunch comrade but now a slandering, misquoting capitalist tool, James Connolly' (p.
Without harbouring any delusions of potential Vegas qualification, I have long since fancied chancing my arm, which is how I end up in Shakopee, about 20 miles south west of downtown Minneapolis, the livelier half of the metropolis known as the Twin Cities alongside fraternally conjoined St Paul on the other side of the northern Mississippi.
Using Tonto's propensity for the printable 'F' word he is obviously fraternally flawed, forever forbidden from falling fatally for four fortunate famous fathers.
What was up came down, the left became right, and Ulaqayi, squatting there in the cooking shelter in the company of his mother, for once emitted a glimmer of his alternative--male--shine as he declared himself to be the only penis-like fons et origio within the circuity of his fraternally mediated self-substance.
North Korea, in contrast, not only adopted central planning but also intentionally time-phased its plans to frustrate linkages with those of other fraternally allied socialist states and in doing so created the world's most autarkic economy, notable in the degree to which markets were repressed under the deified leadership of founding leader Kim Il-sung.
The message is signed "Yours Fraternally, Radley's Allotment Committee.
THERE has been a new outbreak of Labour's fraternally deadly relations on Tyneside.
She also provides a neat context for her efforts in a brief, informative preface, and while the interview "Saying and Singing: Julio Cortazar and Saul Yurkievich" (conducted by Pierre Lartigue) is interesting for the fraternally different approach of the two writers, it incongruously seems at times stiff and formal in English.
with tears in their eyes, with an embrace fraternally opened up by human
Fraternally, I hope they get gubbed and Holland win.
Recalling the lethal terror groups of the 1980s and "elevating himself to the stature of military forces", the protagonist publicly demands 'partisans' and fraternally salutes the Lebanese army.