fraternal twin

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either of two twins who developed from two separate fertilized eggs

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Fraternal twins, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson, founded the company when they realized Kim's success teaching third-grade math through her catchy multiplication song could help children beyond her classroom.
The difference being that identical twins come from one egg split into two, while fraternal twins come from separate eggs, and would not usually look alike.
The ideal experiment for twin studies would be to compare identical and fraternal twin pairs reared together and apart.
S] I am the mother of 10-year-old fraternal twin boys.
For someone whose fraternal twin already had one of the three cancers, the risk was three to nine percent.
If a fraternal twin has MS: risk is the same as other siblings
Researchers studied 217 Canadian identical and fraternal twin pairs at age seven to delve into the interplay between nature and nurture involving the source of aggression in the children.
Survived by her husband, Roger, Rockford; fraternal twin sister, Ann Curley (widow of James Curley), Shrewsbury, MA; children: Ann Marie (Greg) Moll, Steven W.
The boy who died was a fraternal twin set to turn 3 in September, the grandfather told a cameraman at the scene.
Twins (WB): Another series by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick (Will & Grace), this one featuring Sara Gilbert as the intelligent fraternal twin to hottie Molly Stanton.
And being an identical twin is a stronger risk factor for autism than being a fraternal twin.
Mrs Fasano, aged 37, also gave birth to a white boy - Joseph's fraternal twin - who is genetically hers and her husband's.
Robin Gibb was younger to Barry, 67, and succumbed to cancer in 2012, while his fraternal twin brother Maurice Gibb, died in 2003 aged 53 after a stomach op.
Her involvement with twins is personal as well as professional: She has a fraternal twin sister.
Leah and I decided to take our 11-year-old niece, Ariana, and her 7-year-old fraternal twin brothers, Aidan and Jeremy, to Yosemite National Park, followed by a daylong trip rafting on the South Fork of the American River.