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In addition, EVA PMBs display a higher Frass breaking point, which means a reduction in low temperature flexibility (20).
Ullman and Frass urge practitioners who are not trained in classical homeopathy to consider isopathic homeopathic treatment as an option for their patients with respiratory allergies.
This way, the frass falls to the bottom of the container (Figure 4).
In evaluating student retention of material in a Principles of Economics class, Frass (1982) found that for students who had never before taken an economics class and whose SAT scores were 800 or lower, simulations were more effective than a lecture-discussion format.
Codling moth caterpillars tunnel into the centre of the fruit in June, and then later exit through a different hole leaving a trail of black frass on the skin.
Look out for tiny pellets of frass, their droppings.
In a big outbreak, you can stand in the woods and hear their frass (poop) falling, and it just sounds like rain.
For more on the relationship between Derrida's and Foucault's understanding of the archive, see O'Driscoll's "Archiviolithics of History"; for more on Foucault's archive, see Bishop's "From Frass to Foucaut.
In 1905 we launched Captain Frass, the Mirror's mystery man.
We felt the sharply scented frass of a carpenter ant colony with our fingertips.
The Dickinsons purchased their property in two buys from Leroy and Eliza Knight, $193,000 in July 1981; and June Frass, $58,000 in April 1986.
For each fruit we recorded the incidence of microlepidopteran exit holes and frass, scoring such fruits as "damaged.
However, since frass and leaf damage were minimal in each of the fields, investigators could not determine a swarm's movement between sampling periods.