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Synonyms for frappe

liqueur poured over shaved ice

Related Words

thick milkshake containing ice cream

a frozen dessert with fruit flavoring (especially one containing no milk)

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TM)], Holly Jolly Peppermint Cake, and Peppermint Mocha Frappe will be in stores from November 27, 2015 -- January 5, 2016.
The post A frappe in Paphos may be free, depends where you're from appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Le sud du pays a quant a lui ete frappe cette semaine par le passage d'un typhon accompagnes de vents violents et de pluies torrentielles, qui ont fait au moins dix morts, selon un bilan officiel publie samedi.
Dans ce message, SM le Roi affirme avoir "appris avec profonde tristesse, la nouvelle tragique de la violente tornade qui a frappe de nouveau l'Etat d'Oklahoma, faisant plusieurs victimes".
Frappe, or Greek iced coffee, is a favorite summer beverage in Greece, Giannakis said.
Diageo is driving its Baileys Frappe recipe throughout the summer months as part of a 6m [pounds sterling] spend outside of the Christmas period.
1 -- color) Pierce College nursing student Karen Poblete, 19, drinks a vanilla frappe from the Freudian Sip, which offers coffee drinks at lower prices than Starbucks.
Breakfast usually consists of toast and frappe and Matthew prefers to take a packed lunch to Barr Beacon School which will tend to include sandwiches and cheese luncheables.
Monty Python's Spamalot is a frothy frappe of pop-cultural references that's tastier but no more substantial than the canned slab of processed pork from which it takes its title.
Schorer says that Balanchine started with grand plies in first, second, and fifth positions (Melissa Hayden swears he never gave grand plies--you had to do them yourself), then quickly moved on to tendu, degage, rond de jambe, fondu, and frappe.
Ben Reed has used the new Nescafe Frappe range of iced coffees as a base for a fun summer drink.
A MERSEYSIDE firm is creating a froth after designing and developing the first portable iced frappe dispensing machine.
FOR a bevvy with a difference while you lounge about the sunny garden, you could add this new Nescafe Frappe to your summer soirees.
Each frappe drink is topped off with creamy whipped topping.
But few of them appear ready to forgo their trademark iced coffee, freddo or frappe, which can cost anywhere between 2 and 4.