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make secure by lashing

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take up the slack of

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La capacidad antioxidante del extracto acuoso de guayaba agria fue evaluada mediante los metodos espectrofotometricos DPPH, ABTS y FRAP, los resultados se presentan en la Tabla 4.
Accordingly, most federal courts of appeals interpret FRAP 10(e)(2) to allow supplementing the appellate record "only to correct inadvertent omissions, not to introduce new evidence.
No-tou-se ainda que o residuo de caju influenciou fortemente os coeficientes de Pearson para os metodos de FRAP e autoxidacao do [beta]-caroteno.
Total antioxidant capacity of four monofloral Romanian honeys FRAP values [micro]mol [micro]mol TEAC values TE/100 g Fe(II)/100 [micro]mol Type of honey of honey g of honey (TE/100 g of honey) Acacia honey 98.
The test took place in the experimental relative humidity environments at constant temperature, using larger thermoformed samples (250-350 [micro]g, >50-[micro]m thick), which were prepared with the same procedure that was used for the FRAP samples.
After 1 month of supplementation with 400 mg of Powergrape per day, scientists observed the following in athletes: Improvements in the antioxidant status of the body measured by ORAC and FRAP methods, and reduction of oxidative stress induced by physical exercise; reduction of cell damage in muscle and plasma during physical exercise, as suggested by the decrease of creatine phosphokinase (CpK), and the increase of hemoglobin concentrations in plasma; and increase of the global performance proven by a physical test.
The FRAP would assist the family through the process and would help with interventions or a positive family interaction as needed.
100[micro]L of test sample was added to 300uL of distilled water followed by 3mL of FRAP reagent.
En un estudio publicado recientemente y realizado por un grupo de cientificos de Noruega y Estados Unidos, se analizaron 1,130 alimentos de consumo frecuente para examinar los niveles de antioxidantes mediante el ensayo FRAP, una de las pruebas para analizar el valor de los antioxidantes mas importante de la actualidad.
Last week, I met a guy from the photo agency Wire Image at a party and asked him why these cameras insist on snapping Britney doing such mundane things as buying a Mocha Frap or getting dinner at the Taco Bell.
The final technique chosen by Berkem was the FRAP or Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power method, which measures the capacity of an antioxidant to reduce [Fe.