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make secure by lashing

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take up the slack of

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Antioxidant activity assayed by FRAP increased during the harvesting time for S.
To evaluate the antioxidant activity of PA, we demonstrated the FRAP assay and the results were compared with the control group.
The plasma levels of FRAP showed a trend to be increased by dietary supplementation of MMI (p = 0.
As shown in Table 3, the FRAP assay provided the absolute antioxidant values of Danshen water-extracts, which linearly correlated to DPPH assay with high correlation coefficient (R= 0.
2 years, mean [+ or -] SE) for the correlation analysis between serum ORAC, FRAP, and a Mention of a trade name, proprietary product, or specific equipment does not constitute a guarantee by the US Department of Agriculture and does not imply its approval to the exclusion of other products that may be suitable.
The results from bolus studies on plasma AC are summarized in Table 1: FRAP increased in two out of three studies after ingestion of 300 ml (Leenen et al.
In the present study, the FRAP value of juice of three cultivars of pomegranate was determined in an attempt to make a systematic comparison among their antioxidant activities.
The contract aims at acquiring specific equipment for emergency situations - complex Autospeciale intervention, extrication and emergency medical assistance FRAP - the project "Improving the capacity to intervene in emergency situations in the South-West Oltenia", according to specifications Specifications and technical specifications attached.
Tenders are invited for Equipment Supply Contract Specific Complex Emergency Situations Autospeciale Intervention, Extrication and Emergency Medical Assistance - Frap
8 ml of FRAP reagent (10 parts of 300 Mm sodium acetate buffer at pH 3.
Similarly, FRAP is an abbreviation for the ferric reducing antioxidative power method, which utilizes chemical conversion of the yellow [Fe.
the workstation will consist of a fully motorized inverted fluorescence microscope for anti-vibration table with modules for broad-spectrum analysis, fret, frap and methods based on the analysis of single photons (flim, fcs).
Futhermore, the extension will help to establish a well-managed and transparent process that will foster efficiency and accountability for the FRAP 15/16 course of action.
Fund for UNICEF, and The Wilderness Society; Advertisers: Dial Soap, Domino's Pizza, Starbucks Frap, Mastercard, Pepsi, Propel, and Quaker, and Games: Blackjack, Bubble Burst, Drull, Gems, Memory, Smashteroids, Solitaire, Sudoku, and Word Search and plans to release a new game each month.