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Synonyms for frankness

Synonyms for frankness

the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

the trait of being blunt and outspoken

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PROMINENT Unionist Ian Paisley Junior yesterday welcomed "the frankness of the apology" which his father received from the Taoiseach.
But a sit-down conversation with George reveals other dichotomies and a no-bones-about-it frankness that, ironically, makes him more mysterious with every new revelation.
What's improved are the climate and the numbers; the ease with which queer cinema can now be produced; the volume that speaks of a great buried need finally finding an outlet; and the withering of fear, which has enabled filmmakers to explore their sexuality and sensibilities with greater frankness and sophistication.
Mr Hoon's frankness is merely an admission that the government has no acceptable policy.
Centered around five 40ish women struggling to come to grips with the encroaching sands of time, the film features all the hallmark themes of a TV movie - sexual betrayal, mother-daughter strife, bouts with drugs and a cancer scare - and deals with them with complete, accepting and almost blase frankness.
Poolside signs often cut to the chase with humor and frankness, but Ventura County health officials say keeping the pools clean is no laughing matter.
They tell how they are amazed by the way the Irish behave and find the level of sexual frankness amongst every age group to be incredible.
The Parisian scenes are rather stock (Francophiles will love the glowing photography) but contain an agreeable frankness and a lovely turn by French star Zylberstein.
He was delighted to be backing her ballet company and spoke with surprising frankness about the huge amounts of his own money which were going down the gurgler.
Director Agnes Merlet has infused this French film with wonderful artistic sensibilities and the requisite - and welcome - European frankness pertaining to human sexuality.
But the movie veteran was slammed by some critics for her frankness.
Councilman David Myers said the findings were not what he wanted but appreciated the frankness of hospital officials, who ``delivered news that people didn't want to hear.
So while Rhona Brankin embarks on her fight to conquer this disease, we praise her fortitude, frankness and bravery in speaking out about her condition.
Dialogue like that has irritated some critics - and not because of its frankness.
He has always responded to criticism with honesty and frankness.