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Synonyms for frankly



Synonyms for frankly

(used as intensives reflecting the speaker's attitude) it is sincerely the case that

References in classic literature ?
And they enslaved you over again - but not frankly, as the true, noble men would do with weight of their own right arms, but secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies.
Yes, frankly and loyally," replied the cardinal, in the same tone.
Still, not quite so frankly or so freely; or, be it said once again, not quite so carelessly perhaps.
To a question put so frankly, I will reply frankly.
And he said, "Tell me frankly what is your chief temptation?
My object is to give him time to think, and to frankly tell you of it if the interval produce any change in his resolution.
I reproached myself, bitterly reproached myself, for not having written more fully and frankly to Eustace.
But I've stayed two--and oh, but I've enjoyed them," she added frankly.
At his return, being questioned by Thwackum what he had done with the money for which the horse was sold, he frankly declared he would not tell him.
She said frankly that nothing interested her much now but making money.
But Robert admitted quite frankly that he preferred to stay where he was and talk to Mrs.
As we believe this to be an appropriation of the name that has its origin with ourselves, the time has arrived, perhaps, when the fact should be frankly admitted.
At first, the steel went round and round, quivering and vibrating at either end; but at last it settled to its place, when Ahab, who had been intently watching for this result, stepped frankly back from the binnacle, and pointing his stretched arm towards it, exclaimed, --Look ye, for yourselves, if Ahab be not the lord of the level loadstone
During his remarks, Vice President Pence recognized Senator Scott saying, I especially want to recognize a friend of mine, a great friend of the Kemp Foundation, and frankly, a man whose life and whose faith is a testimony to the power of opportunity in our nation, and a leader whose opportunity agenda in the United States Senate is, frankly, a living tribute to the life and legacy of Jack Kemp.
I've said with respect to that that I deplored - I can't find words strong enough frankly to say how much I detest the attacks on her.