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a machine that automatically stamps letters or packages passing through it and computes the total charge

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And the letters' envelopes were marked, he claimed, by the same council franking machine used to send out an appeal to voters for support from Plaid candidate Jonathan Huish and for 200 postal votes.
A SENIOR Labour councillor wrongly used a town hall franking machine to send out political mail, an inquiry has found.
Of course it's about getting as many companies and other organisations to start using the Tees Valley name, for example, on their letterheads and their franking machine.
John Miller asked Carol for a stamp to post a personal letter, rather than using the office franking machine.
What they print are known as indicia - postal markings that are more than the ink marks from a franking machine which only indicate that postage at the appropriate rate has been paid.
Kilburn, on the other hand, has an extensive distribution network and commands a dominant market share of the Indian franking machine market through an established installed base.
A SENIOR councillor wrongly used a town hall franking machine to send out political mail, an inquiry has found.
Tell them to stick that franking machine right up their bottom.
While the rest of the world is enjoying the party season, I have spent the evening divvying post into first and second class piles and loading them on to a giant franking machine.
MERSEYSIDE-basedThe Franking Machine Company (FMC), has been supplying and servicing mailing products for more than 15 years throughout theUK.
But Judge Philip O'Sullivan ordered An Post to provide Costello with his own franking machine so none of his mail will bear the slogan.
The Liverpool-based Franking Machine Company has come from nowhere to a 5pc share in the British market in 15 years.
Several firms have received unwanted franking machine labels from a Merseysidebased company and then have been charged six times the usual cost.
Tenders are invited for Neo Post Standard Capacity Ink Cartridge For Postal Franking Machine.
Contract notice: Provision of postal services and rental maintaining a franking machine hybrid for sending shelled and industrial folds.