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a machine that automatically stamps letters or packages passing through it and computes the total charge

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He used the hospital's own franking machines to send the items to maximise his profits.
As to postage cost savings, using a franking machine brings a first class letter stamp down from 60p to 47p, second class down from 50p to 33p, and a second class small parcel down from 3 [pounds sterling] to 2.
Because we understand that everyone needs to save, we make sure that we can provide the requirements of our clients," Des McManus, Managing Director of Franking Machine Warehouse UK said.
When the franking machine cartridges have been inspected at GreenTech's recycling facility in Peterborough, they will check if they are in good enough condition to be recycled and remanufactured for resale.
FP Sveringe has bought the business from Ricoh Sverige AB, which distributed franking machines in Sweden and will continue to provide some services to end customers in the country.
The Standards Board received allegations in October last year that he had broken the councillors' code of conduct by using the franking machine between 2001 and 2004.
NORTHERN SERVICES specialise in all areas of postal franking machines and postal scales.
Postage for the letters was paid by a franking machine at an NHS hospital in Pontypool, and the signatory to the letter - Barbara Symons - is vice chair of the Alzheimer Society's local branch and a Labour Party volunteer.
Then sackloads of signs had to be ferried to the sorting office in Dublin as the DoH postal franking machine ran out of credits.
In the United Kingdom, the combined market share is 64%, if franking machine customers are included, and 79% in the Netherlands.
Tenders are invited for Provision of franking machine
Can't they arrange for such letters to be put through the franking machine again if they were franked in the first place?
A SENIOR Labour councillor wrongly used a town hall franking machine to send out political mail, an inquiry has found.
We have an electronic franking machine at work and it's impossible to have it print the wrong date.
Using the franking machine to send personal letters rated 59% with both.