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an aromatic gum resin obtained from various Arabian or East African trees

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Muscat: A new collaborative research seeks to solve the problem of accessibility, when it comes to studying frankincense trees.
Frankincense Land Sites at His Majesty the Sultan's Advisor's Office for
The scent of frankincense is ever-present during the massage, and I was not mad about smelling so nice.
The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) has presented findings from its Frankincense Research and Conservation initiative.
Oman's Hojari frankincense, the finest variety in the world, has found its way into a sweet candy manufactured by a confectioner in Japan.
As the harvest season for Salalah's famed frankincense groves begin, the Dhofar region in the south of the Sultanate sees a significant increase in tourist numbers.
Frankincense grows wild in the epic landscapes of the self-declared state of Somaliland in the Sanaag and Golis Mountains.
Slowly it evolved into beauty products and skincare, creating the Frankincense and Myrrh Skin Cream in 1983, which is known today as the Frankincense Nourishing Cream, one of the brand's top sellers over the last 30 years.
com)-- MuLondon is proud to announce that its Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser is selected as the winning moisturising product in Earth Day Beauty Awards 2016.
Frankincense oil and rose petals add an additional calming and luxurious touch to this timeless blend.
This collection of their best-selling Frankincense products are the perfect introduction to the brand.
TRACES of frankincense, dating back to not long after the birth of Christ, have been found in a Roman coffin lifted from a field in North Warwickshire.
MALKI Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Frankincense Oil and Rose Petals promise to calm the mind, soothe the body and rejuvenate skin.
The Roman Emperor Nero was said to have burned an entire harvest of frankincense during his wife's elaborate funeral.
As many as 5,515 tourists visited the sites of Al Baleed Archaeological Park and Frankincense Land Museum and Samharam Archeological Park during December, according to statistics from the Land of Frankincense Department at the office of the Adviser to His Majesty the Sultan for Cultural Affairs.