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any of various tropical American deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Plumeria having milky sap and showy fragrant funnel-shaped variously colored flowers

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On top of that there's one of our all-time anti-ageing favourites, Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, and no less than three treats from Elemis's best-selling Frangipani Monoi body range.
While an examination of the political, creative and economic imperatives that drive the festival circuit is not my focus here, the assumption that 'choices have become available enough in the mainstream to obviate the need for such specialization; that queer audiences have been transformed into a niche market no longer in need of "ghettoized" events', (2) as Rich contended, is particularly pertinent to any discussion of Visakesa Chandrasekaram's Frangipani (2014).
The majority of Elemis products used in treatments are also sold at retail, such as Frangipani Monoi Body Oil and Japanese Camellia Oil for massage treatments.
On the last night in the capital though, I met my chuffer--and had a taste of frangipani fruitcake.
A varanda do Frangipani (1995) / Under the Frangipani (2001)
htm) arriving in Bali , the host island for the pageant's first week of events, they were greeted with frangipani flowers against the picturesque backdrop of a seaside resort.
Other winners include Central Plaza Hotel, Sampran Riverside, Hong Kong International Theme Park Limited, Accor Asia-Pacific, The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa, Kerala and Gujarat Tourism from India, as well as Malaysia and Switzerland tourism boards.
New for 2013 is NIVEA Touch of Frangipani Hydrating Shower Gel--a gel with the enchanting tropical scent of Hawaiian Frangipani flower and moisturizing sunflower oil pearls.
Add some shine to last days of the year with a new perfume by Korloff called Gold, combining gardenia, coconut, frangipani and vanilla.
A heady scent of lilies and frangipani rose from the paper.
Children holding frangipani flowers knocked on car windows for change.
14 -- CELEBRATIONS AT FRANGIPANI Enjoy the best of Christmas specialities at Frangipani, where a variety of traditional and innovative festive dishes will be available.
One girl threaded a frangipani through her nipple ring and said 'take this'.
spotted NEW mum Coleen Rooney shopping for baby clothes in Kids Cavern, Cavern Walks wantit WE LOVE Jo Malone''s Vanilla & Anise scent, and there's a luxurious home candle with notes of bergamot, star anise, frangipani and subtle hints of vetiver and white amber.