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quality of being easily damaged or destroyed

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The products are specifically developed to protect sensitive airfield locations, such as runways ends, ILS devices, radars, telecommunication antennas or any other application that involves frangibility and/or radio-transparency.
With that in mind, I will propose that a third potential thread for uniting the installations could have been loosely spun from consideration of science--not the materials science that would focus more narrowly on the physical nature of porcelain and be given to testing properties such as tensile strength and frangibility.
To control penetration and frangibility on game, Beal optimizes the thickness of the jacket and inserts a calibrated cup inside the cavity of the hollowpoint which can be clearly seen in the photograph of the .
The testing process involved independent verification by a US testing house to prove its frangibility requirements and entailed high speed demonstrations at a former World War Two airstrip at York.
Combine those qualities with the ammunition's frangibility and Elliott said it is well-suited for close-quarters combat, like what could occur on a hijacked aircraft; shooting ranges or law enforcement and military training.
For almost a decade, Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher have explored the materiality and frangibility of the human (or humanoid) body.
The new material maintains its toughness during firing, yet has a high degree of frangibility on impact.
Then too, I've never noticed any lack of frangibility or more tendency to ricochet with the heavier slugs and their slightly thicker jackets, so I've felt much need for this type of bullet.
Boasting more than 40 years' experience in manufacturing fibreglass masts, but in the last decade the company has pioneered the development of a series of frangible masts, principally for airports, which are certified by ICAO and the FAA for frangibility compliance.
Inside its secant ogive nose, six inner grooves in the jacket give the desired frangibility.
The main requirement is that the fence must meet the requirements stated in the ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual Part 6 frangibility.
Its masts are impact-tested to meet the frangibility demands laid down in ICAO's Aerodrome Design Manual 6.
They comply fully with ICAO frangibility requirements and have been shipped to "every continent of the world".