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Synonyms for franchise

Synonyms for franchise

an authorization to sell a company's goods or services in a particular place

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a business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area

a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote)

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The result of this action is that the franchisor then has to advertise and re-recruit a franchisee for the territory or location, which means additional costs for the franchisor, lost revenue, a vacant location for a period and a new franchisee that has to start from scratch.
The franchisor may have support staff you can telephone whenever necessary.
Problem: Franchisor C lacks a dedicated digital marketing strategy and support system that ensures ongoing success beyond the program's launch.
Q: What advice would you give new and existing franchisors when they are creating or updating their franchise legal documents?
Franchisees, both existing and prospective, should be aware of the information they should expect to receive from a franchisor.
Restrictions on the franchisor regarding use of company-owned stores.
Section 4 of the Act imposes a duty upon a franchisor to give every prospective franchisee a copy of the franchisor's disclosure document.
When built correctly from the beginning, every new location will only serve to strengthen the franchisor and its current franchisees.
It is the consensus of many large franchisors that African Americans with strong business backgrounds tend to do well as franchise owners.
that is substantially associated with a trade mark, service mark, trade name, logo type or advertising of the franchisor or its associate or designating the franchisor or its associate; and
The Judge was not convinced that the franchisor and sub-franchisor would succeed in the suit they brought against Mr.
If the Franchisor fails to meet its obligations or misrepresents the information that it does provide, the new Act provides specific remedies through which the franchisee may seek recourse.
was judged America's best franchisor based on the following stringent criteria: financial performance, corporate growth and quality of management, corporate stability, and quality of the franchisor-franchisee relationship.