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formulation of the plans and important details

a framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror


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My tight framing makes this photograph work as much as the space limitations of the tiny shop itself.
These four functions of framing may be present in one sentence or be developed through an entire story, news program, or issue of a newspaper or magazine.
The GI perspective has generally been less successful than the GE perspective in framing debates about old-age policy in the American mass media.
The impact of the window effect is most visible in the framing of three Seurat landscapes - ``The Channel at Gravelines, Evening, Summer 1890,'' ``Evening, Honfleur,'' from 1886, and ``Porte-en-Bessin, Entrance to the Harbor,'' from 1888 - that hang side by side in one gallery.
The markets for art and custom framing are more specialized, with about one-third of Americans buying art in the past year and just under 20 percent purchasing custom framing.
As specialists in period framing for over 20 years, Eli Wilner & Company has worked with museums and auction houses framing priceless works of art.
You may easily find these Graditude frames, as well as Church Hill Classics' many other diploma and document framing options, through the company's www.
Now, your beautiful scrapbook pages can be personalized for holiday gifts by framing them with new PreserveIt Frames(TM).
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Dietrich Metal Framing, a Worthington Industries company (NYSE:WOR), today announced that it is introducing to the North American market, Dietrich UltraSTEEL(TM) metal framing products using patented technology of Hadley Industries PLC.