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Synonyms for frame of reference

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for frame of reference

a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

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When we cross cultural boundaries and deal with others of considerably different and foreign backgrounds from ourselves, such as those who drive on the left hand side of the road instead of the right, our frames of reference and inference are no longer as effective as before, inviting collision and conflict.
They describe the differences among theory, frames of reference and models and then turn to a collection of approaches, including sensory integration and neuro-developmental treatment as frames of reference, the person-environment-occupation model, applications of the model of human occupation to children and family interventions, applications of the occupational adaptation model to the same population, the ecology of the human performance model, and using occupation by design to synthesize across multiple models for services to children and families.
While the image of Matta-Clark derived from a reading of these new studies is still somewhat kaleidoscopic--a Matta-Clark unstoppable in talk as in work, and in work so diverse as to defy a single interpretation--some frames of reference begin to emerge that might serve to ground his practice as a whole.
A team inspection is one of the most effective ways to review maintenance-related issues because it adds new perspectives to more familiar frames of reference.
The value of this book is its ability to enable readers to cross national borders, disciplinary boundaries, and cultural frames of reference to make such unexpected connections.
in direction, and the astronomers do not wish to gloss them over, but the agreement on the drift is much better with reference to the microwave background than it is with other frames of reference.
Despite his sequential adoption of diverse artistic frames of reference, Gordillo's point of departure remains a kind of informalism--although it is his own dynamic version, based on this tension between the interior and the exterior.
One of the consequences of this connection is that frames of reference anchored on an object in accereated motion will appear to "drag," to lag or precess with respect to a frame fixed on bodies that are not accelerated.
When combined with Borland's Accelerate process framework and customized training, Caliber Analyst not only facilitates more effective collaboration between business and IT stakeholders -- who often have differing frames of reference, communication styles and priorities -- but also provides the automation and traceability that analysts need to manage requirements from start to finish.