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someone who makes frames (as for pictures)

someone who writes a new law or plan

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The author presents a more subtle and nuanced perspective than Charles Beard by arguing that the fifty-five Framers at Philadelphia in 1787 were upset by the economic decisions of state governments during the Confederation period.
In those cases, it's often up to the framer to gauge how much of the material to purchase.
According to Jacek Romanski, Paslode's market manager for remodeling, hoseless framers have become smaller and lighter since the company launched them 20 years ago, and new technologies mean about 30% fewer parts.
In a frame shop or gallery framers work normal shop hours, including Saturdays If they are employed they will get a day off during the week.
Fastframe's head framer, Joe Portillo, brings 15 years of framing experience to the project.
is sampling the POSIC2G framer (CY7C9537), the industry's first 2.
There is a reluctance at first," says framer Mark Burney of J.
However, just "how big is too big" may not be readily apparent until a framer answers several important questions:
He became a picture framer quite by chance - It was the first craft that appealed to him and met his requirements.
Nasdaq:PMCS) today announced the PM8310 TEMUX[R] 336, the industry's most integrated and scalable framer solution for next generation voice, wireless and router platforms.
We were able to get a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges that each framer faces and how they overcome them.
The framer chip announced recently is part of Infineon's overall strategy to offer customers a complete line card solution in the 10G and 40G space from the optical to the network processor interface.
Proper framing: Make sure the framer uses all rag or buffered rag mats, which are acid-free, and that pressure-sensitive tapes are not used to mount prints or other paper to the mat.
0, a SERDES Framer Interface Level 5 Phase 2 (SFI-5.
It offers a range of STS-1/AU-3 cross-connect solutions as well as highly integrated framer solutions for MSPPs, packet MSPPs and ROADMs.