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provided with a frame


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They all agreed that I could not be produced according to the regular laws of nature, because I was not framed with a capacity of preserving my life, either by swiftness, or climbing of trees, or digging holes in the earth.
They must have borne in mind, that as the plan to be framed and proposed was to be submitted TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES, the disapprobation of this supreme authority would destroy it forever; its approbation blot out antecedent errors and irregularities.
I framed this image closely, intensifying the tension created by a human form squeezed tightly into such a small space.
Due to its high-strength and lower thermal conductivity rating, a cast-in-place reinforced concrete framed office tower results in less liability on the part of insurance companies.
If the options available are A through Z, has the story framed the possibilities in such a way that only P through Z are presented as the full field of perspectives?