frame of reference

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Synonyms for frame of reference

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for frame of reference

a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

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It thus becomes clear that the fact that Islamists who have been victorious in the elections share with the other political constituents of their countries a single national frame of reference takes away a great deal from the delusion of a supposed international Islamist organization.
The life roles perspective can be used with a variety of clients in career counseling to move from a narrow focus on occupation to an integrated life story frame of reference.
Negative publicity about the agency, unrelated to the case, may influence how stakeholders develop their frame of reference.
Avi Shlaim, Ilan Pappe and Benny Morris), who presented fresh studies recognizing the Palestinian tragedy has not been quite sufficient to revise the old frame of reference on Palestine.
Their frame of reference is external to their peer group, which largely cannot discern if the innovators are ingenious or crazy or both.
Whereas phenomenological description aims at a faithful description of the lived experience and is accomplished by a bracketing of the researcher's frame of reference, constructivist hermeneutics acknowledges the embedded nature of the researcher's frame as the beginning point in the process of coming to understand and interpret the phenonema under study.
Thus, they create a frame of reference to music and movement before the more disciplined work of ballet training begins.
It is proposed that the individual in this stage views the world from a White frame of reference and does not accept Blacks as a valuable reference group.
That is an important lesson in life-saving, job-creating, and dollar-saving regulation that might give you the frame of reference to solve these avoidable forms of violence and to be proud years later that you did just that.
On the other hand, the frame of reference may seem limited to those readers who would see in the title an opportunity for comparative analysis across cultures.
We now are forced to get in touch with an internal frame of reference.
Yet far greater than these differences and objections is the common moral and spiritual frame of reference I share with Christians, including fundamentalists.
Change Governance is an approach that integrates the development, implementation, and adoption of enterprise wide policies and processes so organizations can translate change events into successful business outcomes by enabling business and IT to share a common frame of reference.
Conditioned by fictional media depictions of sanitized violence on one hand and fantastic ``megaviolence'' on the other, most people have no frame of reference other than personal emotions to evaluate an incident.
EGC is also characterized by a dynamic, ongoing and multifaceted shift in study participants' frame of reference along at least one of six domains: political, moral, intellectual, cultural, personal and spiritual.