frame buffer

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(computer science) a buffer that stores the contents of an image pixel by pixel

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Featuring outstanding performance and quality, this board delivers 256MB frame buffer memory, up to 42.
But it isn't just the incredible 1GB frame buffer that caught our attention; it is the multitude of features that allow us to addresses the needs of everyone from the CAD to the DCC customer, that make this a robust solution that checks off everything on our wish list.
2 and 3-Frame overdrive with dual 17x17 look up tables and full pixel-depth frame buffer are available to provide the best possible temporal performance from any LCD panel.
By incorporating PenTile RGBW technology, one-third fewer data drivers are required; cutting the number of interconnects and frame buffer size by one-third.
The board integrates fully independent media access controllers (MACs), an embedded frame buffer memory and a high-speed address look-up engine, along with support for auto-crossover, auto-polarity, auto-negotiation, auto-speed sensing, and bridge loop prevention.