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the common European raspberry

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For cocktail fans the Wimbledon Cocktail uses the traditional ingredients: 2cl crme de framboise (raspberry liqueur); 5 to 6 strawberries, cut in half; 2cl double cream; 2cl white rum; Champagne.
RED RASCAL: 50ml Havana Club Rum, 50ml cranberry juice, three bar spoons of framboise, 25ml raspberry puree Add the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.
You can spend mornings exploring like a true tourist and afternoons relaxing with framboise sorbet.
Grange is constantly working to add more or different colours and has started to play more with modern finishes such as zinc and Carbon or very vibrant colours such as Framboise and Prupre.
This year's menu includes new additions such as the Sicilian chocolate macaroon topped with pistachio crE me brulE[umlaut]e, chocolate mousse with 70 per cent cocoa, praline framboise with 75 per cent cocoa and French chocolate with raspberry filling.
This 12-piece girl box features seven tempting varieties, including Chai Tea, Coconut, Framboise, and Mint.
The fruity dessert wines now have fancier names such as Cassis (black currant), Framboise (raspberry), Logan (loganberry) and Oro (hazelnut).
Darphin's Framboise Lip Balm is a juicy pink wash of colour, ideal for days when you don't have time for make-up.
From Magdelaine la Framboise (1780-1846), a Metis fur trader and entrepreneur who helped to build a community on Macinac Island; to Sara Emma Edmonds (1841-1898) who disguised herself as Frank Thompson and served as a soldier in the Civil War for two years as part of the 2nd Michigan Infantry; to Nancy Harkness Love (1944-1977) who was in her teens when she earned her pilot's license and went on to found the U.
Some of the nuances recorded seem to match with the colours detected on the Via Crucis tiles and, more pointedly, the following shades: opaque creme (416), opaque violet (49), vert viride (B3/7), vert olive passe (B3/37), vert mineral (B3/8), jaune citron (B3/7), jaune citron fonce (B3/17), bleu turquoise (B3/1) or turquoise (B3/90), rouge framboise (B30/29).
The cocktail menu will feature Bombay Sapphire Martini, the Jade Garden, the Eastern Soul, Breakfast Martini, Hedgerow Sling and a signature cocktail 'The RedHead' which has been created especially for Virgin Atlantic &endash; a delicious blend of fresh raspberries and framboise shaken with Bombay Sapphire and lemon juice, served in a flute, topped with champagne and garnished with a signature twist.
Unusually, the brews--BelleVue Framboise, BelleVue Kriek, Diebels Alt and Hoegaarden Grand Cru--will make their debut in the off-trade where the brewer hopes to help retailers manage the category more efficiently with special units.