fragrant orchid

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European orchid having dense spikes of fragrant pink or lilac or red flowers with conspicuous spurs

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The cattle are being used to graze areas where there are rare plants such as rock rose, fragrant orchid, bird's-eye primrose, butterwort, blue moor grass, ladies mantle, bitter cress and marsh marigold.
We're hoping to encourage four species of orchid to flourish, including the fragrant orchid and early marsh orchid, which thrive on damp lime-rich conditions but, at the moment, the encroachment of purple moor grass is crowding out the orchids and rare plants.
The book includes artwork complementing the color photographs; plant sources; and lists of fragrant orchids, intergeneric hybrids, and the orchids illustrated by registration year and originator.
Like Pooh Bear's friend Eeyore, they don't mind eating young thorny gorse shoots, and tough heather, and this helps create a heath rich in uncommon wild flowers like Pale Heath Violet and fragrant orchids.