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A part of the wall was shattered, as if by gunpowder, and the fragments had been blown off with force sufficient to dent the wall on the opposite side of the room.
And it is all my poetisation and aspiration to compose and collect into unity what is fragment and riddle and fearful chance.
All "It was" is a fragment, a riddle, a fearful chance--until the creating Will saith thereto: "But thus would I have it.
To take the fragment of green material first, I found it caught in the bolt of the communicating door between that room and the adjoining one occupied by Mademoiselle Cynthia.
To begin with, the fragment corresponds exactly with a tear in Mrs.
So the discovery of the charred fragment in the grate was no surprise to me.
Esther fumbled in her pocket, and was not long in producing the fragment of a Bible, which had been thumbed and smoke-dried till the print was nearly illegible.
He received from the hands of one of his wondering and frighted girls a fragment of that book, which Esther had preserved with so much care.
The fragment of the Bible was placed in his hands, and he was left to seek his consolation as he might from its pages.
The leaves of the sacred book were scattered on the ground, and even a fragment of the shelf had been displaced by the kidnapper in his agony.
Kinetic Discovery Limited, Sprint Bioscience, Proteros Fragments GmbH, Charles River Laboratories International, Inc.
This study analyzes the velocity perturbations of the first 105 cataloged fragments in the parent satellite's frame of reference.
The increasing frequency of operations in urban terrain has shown the limitation of currently available hand grenades, with blast grenades having low incapacitating radii in open areas while fragmentation grenades have safety distances of more than 30 metres (with most fragments spreading into the ground or in the air).
These ants harvest grass and haul fragments back to their nest, sometimes covering a distance of more than 100m.
After keeping fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls mostly under wraps for seven months, officials at Azusa Pacific University on Friday invited groups of scholars and local religious leaders to look at the ancient texts.