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having been divided

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Table 1: Fragmented disk test configurations Low Medium High Number of files 101,652 1,220,660 2,087,158 Avg.
This survey revealed that 56 percent of NT workstations had files fragmented between 1,050 and 8,162 pieces.
Good eye, Mark,'' Whistler replies as he examines the fragmented object, which he believes to be a piece of a small horse pelvis.
For that matter, even if all their levels of care are in place and coordinating smoothly (still a stretch for most), they operate in a financially fragmented world.
It will provide the VMS manager with a complete report of how many fragmented files are on the system, which are the most fragmented files, what the average state of fragmentation is on a disk, and also how fragmented the free space is.
Responding to NASA's press release stating the innocuousness of the fragmented comet 73P-SW3 with regards to the Earth, the French author of "The Science of the Extraterrestrials" indicates that numerous scientific data attest to a real danger as was laid out starting with his first article of early April, namely that a small-sized fragment, still unobservable and distant from the principal fragments, could hit the Atlantic Ocean, bringing about the awakening of the volcanoes of the mid-Atlantic ridge, with these being the origin of a possible tsunami with waves two hundred meters high.
Some samples of the obsidian included many lumps of fragmented rock embedded in the glass.
In addition, the system analyzes the quality and quantity of total RNA and cRNA, determines the efficiency of cRNA and cDNA amplification reactions and ensures quality of fragmented cRNA.
As solid as a mountain appears, its interior is highly fragmented.
The fragmented content can then be put into an XML repository, Enterprise Content/Document Management System or other XML based publishing system.
A study of Andean frogs has raised tough questions about strategies for coping with fragmented habitats.
CertAuthority's fragmented key and distributed approval and signing process reduces the vulnerability of the system to insider attacks.