fragmentation bomb

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a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments

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Despite these rules, it appears that at least one special operations member threw a deadly fragmentation grenade into the room where Ms.
It was also put to Mr Scobie that on December 4 last year PW Defence sent a fax which was a marketing data sheet for a fragmentation grenade.
According to the programme, the firm was advertising the E190 fragmentation grenades, activated by a trip wire, at a Ministry of Defencesponsored arms fair in London's Docklands.
45am, police said, and it appeared that a fragmentation grenade had been thrown at the shop's entrance.
Reports said a fragmentation grenade exploded 1:15 a.
But he added: "It wouldn't seem like the brightest thing to throw a fragmentation grenade.
A fragmentation grenade was thrown at security forces on Thursday evening, injuring two citizens, one of them heavily, one police chief and six police officers," Istanbul police said on its website.
A US special forces soldier is reportedly facing disciplinary action for throwing the fragmentation grenade that is thought to have caused her death.
A US soldier is reportedly facing disciplinary action for tossing the fragmentation grenade which is believed to have killed her.
The suspect who was kept in detention -- a 33-year-old man from Kolossi - faces charges for possession of a fragmentation grenade, handgun, detonating caps and ammunition of various calibres, as well as other military equipment, which was allegedly uncovered in a dog breeding establishment he runs.
He is then believed to have thrown a fragmentation grenade at her captors, which exploded next to her.
However, police said that when arresting three of the suspects, they seized two revolvers, a G-3 army rifle, a stolen shotgun, a fragmentation grenade, detonating caps, a large quantity of ammunition of various calibres, gunpowder for shotgun shells, crossbows, wooden clubs, extending batons and various knives.
Our operatives recovered from the scene of encounter two M203 grenade launchers, four M16 assault rifles, two caliber 45 pistols, a fragmentation grenade, a bolt cutter, a sledgehammer, handheld radios and two utility vehicles," Versoza said.
But friends of Linda will ask why one of the Americans apparently threw a fragmentation grenade, designed to send deadly shrapnel flying in all directions, into the room where she was being guarded.