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Synonyms for fragmentation

separating something into fine particles

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the disintegration of social norms governing behavior and thought and social relationships

(computer science) the condition of a file that is broken up and stored in many different locations on a magnetic disk

the scattering of bomb fragments after the bomb explodes

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0 has been enhanced to prevent fragmentation from occurring so files are written in an optimal sequential state for servers with local storage, direct-attached storage (DAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN).
The first-stage post-processing analysis makes use of the forest fragmentation map in GIS in conjunction with forest fragmentation component variables leading to support the second-stage state enterprise area ranking analysis based on MCDM methods.
2, and its mass content was 5 wt% of all the materials (oil shale and bed materials) which was 50 mm in height; N2 was used as fluidizing gas to avoid any possibility of combustion during the primary fragmentation process, and fluidizing velocity was 0.
As shown in Table 1 the level of fragmentation and the number of affected files increases with each testing tier.
What, in general, should be the role of policymakers in this cycle of competition, fragmentation, and consolidation?
District Court in Portland, Maine serves as a striking example of how fragmentation can cripple any NT system.
Essays in the last section survey a wide variety of perspectives on the relationship of unity and fragmentation in theology, religious thought, Christian consciousness, and the churches and the human community, by Pierre Vallin, Jean-Pierre Jossua, Gregory Baum, David Tracy, Johannes Brosseder, Joseph Moingt, and Ruggieri.
In the history of science, a twofold process can be seen: a fragmentation of formal disciplines and a recombination of the specialties resulting from this fragmentation.
Access to health care is improved, and fragmentation of health care is significantly lessened.
In his introduction to Race Matters, Cornel West, director of Princeton University's Afro-American Studies program and professor of religion, contends that "What happened in Los Angeles in April of 1992 was neither a race riot nor a class rebellion," but rather "an expression of utter fragmentation by a powerless citizenry that includes not just the poor but all of us.
Professional Fragmentation in Rehabilitation Counseling
Among the dynamics yet to be fully explored and measured until now is the rise in I/O requests caused by file fragmentation on servers and workstations and its implications for storage, operations and application performance over time.
SHATTERED SCIENCE Fragmentation occurs in nature on many scales, from subatomic-particle collisions to volcanic explosions to the pummeling of planets by asteroids and comets.
But lands north of the refuge show how forest fragmentation can imperil the survival of even a well-established bear population.